Large gear reducer F series gear reducer gearbox

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Large gear reducer F series gear reducer gearbox

Return[F parallel shaft helical gear reducer]


Custom processing is type gear reducer gear type helical gear reducer

The installation form of vertical coaxial hardened tooth surface hardness

Use reducer gearbox model F series brand South

The input speed of 800-1450 (RPM) 0.18-200 (kw) rated power output speed range 0.11-373 (RPM)

The allowable torque of 200-18000 (N.m) using a wide range of series three

3.81 specifications of gear reducer gear ratio

Reducer profile:

The reducer is a power transmission mechanism, the gear speed converter, motor (motor) rotary number reduction to rotation number, and get a larger torque mechanism. At present is used to transfer power and movement mechanism, reducer a wide range of applications, can see traces of it in almost all kinds of mechanical transmission system, from ships, transport vehicles, locomotives, heavy equipment for construction, processing equipment and automatic production equipment used in machinery industry, household appliances common in everyday life, watches and so on. The application of power transmission from the work, to a small load, precise angle transmission can meet the application of speed reducer, and in industrial applications, speed reducer has to slow down and increase torque function, so it is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.

The role of main reducer:

1) slow down while increasing the output torque, the torque output ratio by motor outputby slowdown, but be careful not to exceed the rated torque reducer.

快停下我是你老师的啊2) speed and reduce the load inertia and the inertia of deceleration than reduced to the square