HD cone gear reversing clutch bevel gear reversing clutch HD series cone steer

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HD cone gear reversing clutch bevel gear reversing clutch HD series cone steer

Return[HD bevel gear reversing actuator]


Custom processing is the class HD bevel gear reversing type helical gear reducer

The installation form of vertical coaxial hardened tooth surface hardness

Use reducer brand south model HD

Optional input speed (RPM) 0.25-45 (kw) rated power output speed range can be customized (RPM)

The allowable torque can be customized (N.m) using a range of cars, locomotives, ships, heavy machinery, processing machinery, automated production equipment, home appliances, watches and other series Wangwang Advisory conversion equipment of the mechanical speed and torque

Reduction ratio 3.81

HD cone gear reversing transmission characteristics:

1, the shape of a cube, can adapt to different range of installation.

The 2 meter high, commutator, long service life, high capacity, stable transmission, low noise, gear speed can be up to 40 m / s, the transmission efficiency is as high as 94%-98%.

3, spiral bevel gears with high quality low carbon alloy steel, carburizing quenching and grinding, after running, to achieve high precision hardened closed transmission.

4, HD series of commutator, there are seven kinds of specifications, selection range, output shaft forms, can meet the needs of various occasions.

5, can realize deceleration and acceleration of two transmission mode.

The form and the connection code HD:

1, the HD input, the output shaft extension type connection

2, the HAD input shaft, output shaft mounted connection

3, HDF with input output shaft flange type connection

4, HDAF with input output flange, shaft mounted connection