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Features F parallel shaft helical gear reducer presentation

Date:[2016-03-24]     Hit:

快停下我是你老师的啊Brief introduction F parallel shaft helical gear reducer What are the characteristics?

     1, space-saving, reliable and durable to withstand high overload capacity, power up to 90KW or more.

     2, precision machined to ensure parallel shaft and positioning accuracy, all this constitutes a gear reducer assembly equipped with various types of motor, forming a mechanical and electrical integration, fully guaranteed product quality characteristics geared motor.

快停下我是你老师的啊     3, installation methods: base mounted, flange-mounted, torque arm installation.

快停下我是你老师的啊     4, the choice of good forged steel, steel cast iron box.


快停下我是你老师的啊5, parallel output, compact structure, transmission torque, smooth operation, low noise, long life.

快停下我是你老师的啊     F parallel shaft helical gear reducer is very suitable for use in case space is limited. And with a variety of minus, gearbox combination for a variety of different conditions requirements of the place.